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The new adhesive BUTTONS are coming.


Continue to improve to offer concrete solutions to our customers. This is one of the main mission of our company. And that's how we introduced a new service. From today you can easily and quickly customize your products thanks to the new adhesive BUTTON on which to print logos, pictograms or images. A valid alternative to pad printing or directly on the product.

The button is covered with a transparent polyurethane resin 2 to 3 mm thick, which protects the print and highlights it. The image cannot therefore be scratched because it is protected by the transparent material which, with a "lens" effect, also enhances its printing. Result? The minimum order quantities are lower than the pad printing and the quality is higher.

This button was created to be inserted in the recess of 4-lobe leaflets (articles G730-G731- G732-G733-G734-G735), cross-knobs (articles F186-F187-F188-F189) and 6-lobe handwheels ( articles F175-F176-F177-F178), but it can be glued on any gray cap, on solid handwheels, spokes or control knobs.

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