2 new colors for handles and T-Handle

Red Ral 3000 and Orange Ral 2004

The colored models are always very sought after but difficult to find. This is why we will be extending the range of B224 handles and L270 tie rods available from November. 2 the new colors always ready in stock without minimum quantities: Orange RAL 2004 and Red RAL 3000.

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Plastic Clamp T200

Boteco joins a new family of components for the industry and equipment.

With the new T200 product, clamp with orthogonal holes and screw fastening, Boteco enters a new family of components for industry and equipment. This product is supplied with two round holes with different diameter combinations, with the possibility of having customized ones, in addition to the dimensions shown in the catalog.

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Boteco Magnets

Your allies for momentary fixation.

Be attracted by our novelty. Solid and safe, our magnets are the ideal solution to close, lock or position momentarily. Their wide range allows you to adapt to multiple needs, including those of your business.

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Plungers W780 - W781

Boteco adds a new type of plunger to its range.

With the same functions and materials as the W800 series, but made with a shorter threaded body for applications where there is not sufficient space for the W800 or for use in thin sheet metal applications.

Euromodel safety bridge handle B230

Boteco expands the range of articles, in this case handles, of the Euromodel line.

Safety handle, designed to protect your hands when in use. Especially on sliding or double-leaf doors.

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Personalization for everyone

The new adhesive BUTTONS are coming.

From today you can easily and quickly customize your products thanks to the new adhesive BUTTON on which to print logos, pictograms or images. A valid alternative to pad printing or directly on the product.

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The Boteco toggle clamps have arrived.

The simplest and most versatile positioning and workholding system that exists.

We recently introduced our first series of Boteco toggle clamps and plans are in the works for many more to add to and complete the range.

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