ISO 9001: 2015

Since 2000 Boteco, always attentive to compliance with the rules of the international market, operates with a company quality system according to the EN ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, duly certified since November 2005 through the French BVI with updated certificate with IT No. 306905 expiring 03/2024 . A choice that influences the entire industrial process, from design and production to the management of commercial and logistic services. Always to give our customers the opportunity to be competitive and to ensure prompt assistance from order to delivery of the product. The relationship between quality and price is a cornerstone of the Boteco company policy.

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Product CE

In the Boteco catalog some highly qualified and specialized products are CE marked, guaranteeing compliance with all the safety standards required by European regulations. An additional certainty that facilitates the work of machinery designers.



Large production, small consumption. This is one of Boteco's missions.

The protection of the environment here is pursued with different devices and is constantly improved over time through the introduction of new technologies. In fact, the company uses an energy-saving system that reduces emissions. Even the production waste is minimal, most of the material is recovered and recycled. In the molding phase, a temperature control system, performed with free cooling systems, contributes to reducing consumption.

Thanks to our energy efficiency system in the last year we have recovered:

  • 113,777 Kg of CO2 emissions
  • 10,467 square meters of forest
  • 84 of homes

Update 06/2022

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