New plug line

Boteco is launching a new Plug series for round and square tubes.


New plug line

The new plugs feature a central threaded through hole for the stems of the feet part of Group 16 (former Group P), which are typically used on small carpentry structures and load-bearing bases of technical and industrial machinery.

A characteristic of the plugs is their being push-fit, which facilitates assembly into the tube.

The different materials used for production differentiate their use, load bearing capacity and, therefore, also their price.

The range includes three capacities and different mechanical characteristics:

  • Art. P180 and P181 with threaded through hole (light duty series)
  • Art. P280 and P281 with galvanised steel insert with threaded through hole (medium duty series).
  • Art. P480 and P481 with nickel-plated brass insert with threaded through hole or made of another material upon request (heavy duty series).

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