New ESD Product Line

Standard items produced with antistatic material.



Products already existing in our catalogue such as feet or handles, but made from materials to which fillers are added. This results in a conductive product that allows passive currents such as electrostatic discharges to be grounded, thus preventing dangerous accumulation of the discharges. The ESD items are used in electronic and electrotechnical production lines and in environments with hazardous atmospheres.
The material complies with standards EN 100015/1 and IEC 61340-5-1.

(The yellow pad-printed ESD-C symbol enables correct identification of the product.)

At present only the feet are available in this version:

  • P900ESD
  • P905ESD
  • P902ESD
  • P911ESD
  • P700ESD

Handles B224ESD and B226ESD will soon be available

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