Highly customizable solutions

Thanks to our internal design office, we are able to create products that truly adapt to the customer's needs.

Do you need a customization of the product to adapt it to your machinery? Do not change the machine design but ask Boteco for help, we will try to adapt our component to your machine. We produce the molds directly in our internal workshop and this allows us to make small or large variations depending on the model.
And if you have a project to do that requires large quantities?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will study together the best solution for your business. Customization is facilitated by our two internal workshops: one for the production of inserts and one for filming. We will be able to provide you with design inserts even with lower quantities than the standard at competitive prices.

Do you need a rework like a radial hole, a milling or turning? Give us your drawing and we'll give you the finished product. In this way you will be able to open the Boteco box and go directly to the assembly line without having to take internal or external shots at any cost.

The Boteco customization also passes through the creation of components with your company color or through the application of caps with pad printing of the customer's logo.

And so much more. Express your needs ... We will try to satisfy them.

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