Handwheels for mobile archives on rails


Ver. DUK.15-0619

Reinforced and stabilised polyamide. Oils and greases resistant.


  • Technical features

    Reinforced and stabilised polyamide. Oils and greases resistant.


    Black (RAL 9011).

    Central cap:
    Grey polyamide cap (RAL 7035 cod. 13).

    Alternative cap colours:
    Orange (RAL 2004 cod. 02).
    Blue (RAL 5015 cod. 07).
    Yellow (RAL 1021 cod. 10).
    Red (RAL 3000 cod. 16).
    Green (RAL 6024 cod. 17).
    Black ( RAL 9011 cod. 01).

    Clamping lock kit:
    (1) PA6+GF hole cover ring. Black (RAL 9011). Push-fit assembly. Removable.
    (2) PA6+GF piston holder. Black (RAL 9011). Assembly with two self-tapping, galvanised steel screws, screwdriver head 3.5x30.
    (3) Nickel plated lock. Two numbered keys provided. Key can be removed from either position. To close handwheel push and turn the key 90°. Lock stroke 10 mm. Useful projection of pin from handwheel 8 mm. Keys supplied secured to the handwheel rim.

    Zinc plated steel insert with smooth through-bore, with H10 tolerance.
    (4) Black-oxide treated hexagon socket button head screw ISO 7838 for fastening handle.
    (9) Black-oxide treated steel insert with hexagonal threaded through-bore.

    Side handle:
    Flush, foldaway revolving handle art. M202 "Euromodel", black Ral 9011. Handle's cap on grey polyamide (RAL 7035 code 13).

    For fixing system, or execution of keyway or square holes, please refer to the technical notes attached to the catalogue.

    On request and with a minimum of 50 pieces, the inserts can be supplied with the hole d1 with H7 tolerance and black-oxide finish. Add the letters ZB to the standard code. Example: D604350.TD1001PZB.
    It’s possible to supply the inserts with d1 bore by customer design, on request and for quantities.
    It’s possible to supply the inserts in different material and treatment-finishes, on request and for quantities.
    On request and for quantities, it is possible to supply the articles on colours, as shown on colours table page [ pageTitoloTabellaColori.

  • Description

    Questa tipologia di prodotto nasce dalla base del nostro volantino D207-350 tradizionale. Aggiungendo uno speciale kit di montaggio questo prodotto si adatta alle esigenze di un mercato particolare: quello dei magazzini compattabili (archivi mobili su rotaia). Tale volantino serve per movimentare gli scaffali sulle rotaie. La presenza di una serratura o di un pistoncino di fissaggio serve per bloccare, fermare, posizionare gli scaffali su determinate posizioni.

  • Accessories

  • Certifications

Alternative products
Art. D H Ht h d M C h2 h3 d2 d3 Dm d1 H10 Q I dc h1 dp hp DA HA DB F
D604350.TD2001H 346 80 86 49.5 67.5 24 56 43.5 17.5 49 35 28 20 32 55 20 8 10 10 131 20 76 38 1800

Dm = It’s possible to increase the hole, by boring, until Dm (enlarge).
A.R. = By request, with 50 pieces minimum.

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